Angle Stop Valves & Faucets Installed Yorba Linda

Widespread Faucet Yorba Linda

Clean Plumbing installed this Widespread Faucet in Yorba Linda, CA. Call 714-402-7079 if you need one installed!

We have customers all over Southern California and Yorba Linda is just one of the cities in Orange County that our plumbers are happy to service.

On this call our plumber installed 4 new angle stop valves in one bathroom, 2 each on the toilet and 2 each on the sink. Having been installed at the same time they often fail in close succession and so a complete replacement of the set makes economic sense for a home owner when compared to multiple calls to a plumber. We also capped off a drain pipe, installed two wide-spread faucets and repaired a problem drain pipe in the wall.

If you live near Yorba Linda Boulevard and Imperial Highway in Yorba Linda feel free to give Clean Plumbing a call at 714-402-7079 for immediate assistance.

New Sink Installation Fountain Valley

Sink Installation Fountain Valley

Need a Sink Installed? Live near Fountain Valley, CA? Call Clean Plumbing today!

Sometimes one small job well done, like a sink installation, can lead to much more work. We responded to a customer call in Fountain Valley and installed a sink in their 1/2 bathroom. More than satisfied with our plumbers work they had us move their washer and dryer from the house into new hookups in their garage and also clean the drain in a bathtub.

If you live near Ellis and Ward in Fountain Valley and want to be the next satisfied customer of an expert plumber just call Clean Plumbing at 714-402-7079 for immediate assistance.

Sewer Repair Huntington Beach

Sewer Line Cleaning Huntington Beach

If you need Sewer Line Cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA call Clean Plumbing!

Our customer called with a severe back up problem: most drains in the house were backing up and the main sewer line was suspected as the cause of the backup. Our plumber used our heavy-duty drain cleaning/rooter equipment to clear out his main sewer line and the backup was ended. All sinks, toilets and showers began draining normally and the house was back in order.

If you live near Heil and Newland in Huntington Beach, California and you have sewer line problems and need sewer line cleaning or repair call Clean Plumbing at 714-402-7079 for immediate assistance.

Slab Leak Repair Huntington Beach

Slab Leak Repair Huntington Beach

Copper water pipes can corrode from the inside out leading to the need for Slab Leak Repair like this one in Huntington Beach

A customer in Huntington Beach called with a strange, persistent moisture issue that was mildewing carpeting and buckling flooring. Using our slab leak detection equipment our plumber was able to identify the source of the leak as a copper water supply pipe. He re-routed a 4 foot section of 1/2″ outside diameter copper supply line and her slab leak issue was fixed.

If you live in Huntington Beach, California and have a slab leak that needs repair call Clean Plumbing at 714-402-7079 for immediate assistance.

Dishwasher Installation Tustin

Gas Stove Installation Tustin

We did a Gas Stove Installation in Tustin, CA and we can do one for you as well. Call 714-402-7079 today.

We had a customer call from Tustin with a complete plumbing to do list. Our plumber installed 3 new angle stop valves under the kitchen sink, capped pipes on the bar sink.

The next day he returned to install a new dishwasher, a new kitchen sink and gas stove. Yes, plumbers handle all manner of gas line work as well.

If you live near Tustin Ranch Road and Bryan Avenue in Tustin, CA and need a new dishwasher, kitchen sink or gas stove installed feel free to give Clean Plumbing a call at 714-402-7079 for immediate assistance.