Gas Leak Detection, Gas Pipe Repair

Gas Pipe Leak Detection Orange County, California

Plumber's know pipes and that includes all kinds of gas pipes!

People smell a gas leak and have the gas company come out and shut it down. We have gas leak detection equipment and can come out, cap off the system, pressure test it with air at 30 psi, locate and repair the leak. We do pool heaters, spa heaters, fireplaces, water heaters, stoves, furnaces.

Our experience with gas pipe installation allows us to install front yard, side yard or backyard barbeques and gas grills, restaurant space heater systems or remove electrics stove and install gas lines for new gas stoves and ovens.

If you need a gas grill installed or have a gas leak and want Expert Plumber call Clean Plumbing 714-374-435. We serve all of Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino.