Slab Leak Detection, Electronic Leak Detection

Our plumbers have been detecting leaks in Huntington Beach/Orange County, California for almost 40 years!

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Slab Leaks

Slab Leak Detection Orange County, California

Even a pinhole leak below your slab can have huge, damaging consequences. If you need expert Slab Leak Detection call Clean Plumbing at 714-402-7079 now.

Have you had an excessive water bill and don’t know why? Ever felt hot or even cold spots in your floor, even through the carpet? Have you ever felt moisture emanating from the carpet or had a localized mold outbreak? Or if you’ve had a puddle or a soggy spot in the flooring the likely cause of ALL of these is a slab leak.

We have the latest Electronic Leak Detection equipment that allows us to trace the path of the pipe, travel along this path until we determine the exact position of the leak whether its in the slab or in the plumbing in your wall.

Electronic Leak Detection
Our specialized system and dedicated Electronic Leak Detection expert can detect water or gas leaks in walls or floors by tracing the lines of pipes using a super-sensitive microphone system to pinpoint the exact location of your leak. Let our dedicated Electronic Leak Detection expert end your leaky pipe worries today, call Clean Plumbing at 714-402-7079.

Property Owners and Property Managers should be especially aware that there have been a wave of renters suing property owners because of mold outbreaks.

Doing Electronic Leak Detection as soon as a leak or problem occurs will save you money in the long run and help stop the problem before it grows into something unmanageable.

Keep your renters, their families and your investments in tip top condition! If your apartment complex or residential rental property could benefit from our Electronic Leak Detection services please feel free to call Clean Plumbing at 714-402-7079.