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Clean Plumbing Does Work On Gas Lines

A plumber that works on gas lines? That’s right, Clean Plumbing installs, repairs and extends gas lines, not the Gas Company! In fact, if you call the Gas Company to have them work on your gas lines they’ll tell you to call a plumber like Clean Plumbing!

If you’re installing a new sauna, a jacuzzi, a new BBQ or even a pool heater, any gas-fired appliance that has gas lines running in to it we’re your plumbers! Sometimes referred to as “black pipe” gas line piping is iron piping that comes in multiple styles: the regular black gas pipe that you’ve probably seen running to your stove or water heater and a special, underground version that is covered with a protective green coating to prevent oxidation when its buried.

There is one additional type that we commonly use to run gas lines around corners and in tight spaces without having to create a ton of joints. It’s known as Ward-Flex and its a Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing. It has many advantages over black-steel pipe. When compared to conventional steel or black iron, Wardflex installs without heavy lifting, threading, need for multiple times of measuring and wasted extra/left over pipe lengths. Completely heat treated, Wardflex’s flexibility means fewer connections and chances for leaks, even in the most challenging installations.

Galvanized pipe is a common pipe used for gas lines and water lines but standard galvanized pipe should NOT be used in underground applications because it can corrode.

If you need a new gas line or water supply line run to your new gas appliance feel free to give Clean Plumbing a call now at 714-374.4353. We serve all of Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino.