Restaurant Maintenance Contracts

Restaurant Plumber Orange County, California

The Women's restroom is arguably the most important facility that a restaurant provides

Restaurants use us for preventative drain cleaning/clearing especially cable rodding to prevent the build up of grease from cooking and washing.

We have a complete assessment regimen where we review all fixtures: urinals, women’s or men’s restrooms, floor sinks, kitchen sinks, main sewer and give you a written assessment of the health of your plumbing, including recommendations, with every service call.

Things to watch out for: While we use the very best machines on the market with the newest cables and cutting blades to do the job right the first, every time. The others use cheap machines or don’t take the time to do the job completely or thoroughly. We live up to our name: your pipes will be CLEAN from wall to wall.

If you own a restaurant or commercial kitchen and want Expert Plumber call Clean Plumbing 714-374-435. We serve all of Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino.