Residential Plumbing Services

Residential Plumber Huntington Beach

Working plumbing makes a house a home!

No job is too small, here’s a prime example: say your sink has a bad washer on the hot water. You could be wasting 20-40 gallons a day due to the constant flow. Now that’s water money AND gas money for water heating down the drain, no pun intended. Think about a running toilet: does your toilet come on to refill the tank because of a leaking old flapper valve? Its the same situation, water wasted is money down the drain. You’re at work all day trying to make a living but your plumbing is spending your money as fast as it can.

Time to put a stop to that, call Clean Plumbing, the residential plumbers, 714-402-7079. We’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied with our professionalism, honest work, competitive prices and courtesy that you’ll not only call us whenever you need a plumber but you’ll recommend Clean Plumbing to your friends and family.

Let us unclog your pipes, replace your garbage disposal, replace those bad washers that are costing you money. We want to earn your trust and turn you in to a long time customer! We will always do what is best for your situation.