Chris Swenson is the owner of Clean Plumbing. I have used his services at least once every 2 months for the past 2 years. He is very professional, courteous, honest & clean.

I am the Facilities administrator for a 43,000 square foot building with over 250 staff. With a 3 story building and staff that size, there are always issues with our 8 restrooms & more than 20 stalls on a monthly basis.

He is very good at figuring out where water leaks are located without disrupting the building and staff. He has also fixed problems we have had in our 4 kitchens, such as suggesting new garbage disposals and hot water tanks. He is punctual and is in and out of our building without even a trace that he has been there. I would recommend Chris Swenson from Clean Plumbing with any hesitation.

Sally C
Huntington Beach

What would we do without Chris and his excellent plumbing service?!! Chris knows what he is doing – he has saved us from a holiday-clogged drain and helped keep our plumbing in great repair!

Whether it is an emergency or a scheduled appointment, Chris’s Clean Plumbing has been fast and on time! His rates are reasonable and he actually leaves your site CLEAN when he leaves! I’d recommend him anytime!

Cheri B
Huntington Beach CA