Installation Sinks, Toilets & Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal Installation Orange County

Need a new Garbage Disposal installed? Call Clean Plumbing 714-734-4353 today.

As a full service plumbing company Clean Plumbing is happy to sell and install all types of sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs and garbage disposals. Call us first to get the exact right piece of equipment to meet your plumbing needs. We can also save you time and money with water and energy saving solutions for your home or business.

Click here for more info about the installation of Water Heaters and Tankless Water Heaters.

Of course we can service and repair all of these whether we have installed them or not.

Call us to discuss your specific plumbing installation needs we offer recommendations based on 40 years of plumbing experience – 714-402-7079.