Water Heater Repair Tustin

Water Heater Repair Tustin

We repaired this Water Heater in Tustin, CA and we can repair yours, too!

We had a customer call with an unusual situation: reduced hot water flow to the entire house. This meant that the problem was probably at the source. Our plumber went straight to the water heater and discovered a clog there. Once identified he was able to easily clear the clog and get the customer back in action.

If live near Jamboree and Trevino in Tustin and you have unusual hot water supply problems or water heater issues and need an experienced plumber to diagnose and cure the problem call Clean Plumbing at 714-402-7079 for immediate assistance.

Dishwasher Installation Tustin

Gas Stove Installation Tustin

We did a Gas Stove Installation in Tustin, CA and we can do one for you as well. Call 714-402-7079 today.

We had a customer call from Tustin with a complete plumbing to do list. Our plumber installed 3 new angle stop valves under the kitchen sink, capped pipes on the bar sink.

The next day he returned to install a new dishwasher, a new kitchen sink and gas stove. Yes, plumbers handle all manner of gas line work as well.

If you live near Tustin Ranch Road and Bryan Avenue in Tustin, CA and need a new dishwasher, kitchen sink or gas stove installed feel free to give Clean Plumbing a call at 714-402-7079 for immediate assistance.