Eco-Friendly Toilets

Eco-friendly Green Toilets Orange County, California

We love to help you save water and money. We install Eco-friendly Green Toilets all over Orange County, California

40 years ago we used 5 gallon per flush toilets, then went to 3.5 gallon per flush. In 1990 we went to 1.6 gallons per flush. 2010 we went to 1.28 per flush. If you have an older toilet you are wasting thousands of gallons of expensive water per year!

The older models of eco-friendly toilets do not compare to the new Kohler eco-friendly toilets in terms of performance.

If you need eco-friendly green toilets installed by an Expert Plumber call Clean Plumbing 714-374-435. We serve all of Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino.