Sewer Repair Huntington Beach

Sewer Line Cleaning Huntington Beach

If you need Sewer Line Cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA call Clean Plumbing!

Our customer called with a severe back up problem: most drains in the house were backing up and the main sewer line was suspected as the cause of the backup. Our plumber used our heavy-duty drain cleaning/rooter equipment to clear out his main sewer line and the backup was ended. All sinks, toilets and showers began draining normally and the house was back in order.

If you live near Heil and Newland in Huntington Beach, California and you have sewer line problems and need sewer line cleaning or repair call Clean Plumbing at 714-402-7079 for immediate assistance.

Broken Sewer Pipe Huntington Beach

The customer had used another plumber to come out and clear a clogged bathroom sink. This did NOT result in the problem being solved because they didn’t accurately diagnose the true problem: the sewer pipe was broken underneath the concrete slab and it needed to be fixed.

If you live near Springdale and Slater in Huntington Beach, California feel free to call Clean Plumbing for immediate service – 714-402-7079.

Sewer Pipe Repair Fountain Valley

Clean Plumbing used our professional power rooter to clean out the main sewer line in this Fountain Valley home.

If you live near Magnolia and Garfield in Fountain Valley and need a sewer pipe repair or just to have it rootered out call Clean Plumbing at 714-402-7079 today.