Water Heater Repair Tustin

Water Heater Repair Tustin

We repaired this Water Heater in Tustin, CA and we can repair yours, too!

We had a customer call with an unusual situation: reduced hot water flow to the entire house. This meant that the problem was probably at the source. Our plumber went straight to the water heater and discovered a clog there. Once identified he was able to easily clear the clog and get the customer back in action.

If live near Jamboree and Trevino in Tustin and you have unusual hot water supply problems or water heater issues and need an experienced plumber to diagnose and cure the problem call Clean Plumbing at 714-402-7079 for immediate assistance.

Fountain Valley Sprinkler Repair

Broken Sprinkler Pipe Fountain Valley

We fixed this Broken Sprinkler Pipe in Fountain Valley and we can fix yours, too!

For good clients even the smallest jobs get the professional treatment. We have a repeat customer in Fountain Valley with a leaking sprinkler pipe. Our plumber found the leaking spot in the pipe, dug it up and mended the section of pipe, neatly replaced the dirt and grass over the pipe repair so that no one would ever know there had ever been a leak problem.

If you need a plumber near Euclid and Edinger in Fountain Valley feel free to call Clean Plumbing at 714-402-7079 for immediate assistance, you will be very satisfied.